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Lynn Ramsay

13 Nov

With Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar in her back pocket, Lynn Ramsay might be the most feared, magic director in the gathering.  Her new film comes out Dec 2nd.  Our jeans will be pre-creamed.

Almost There

9 Nov

Paint By Horror.  thanks JP.


8 Nov

Cheers to our friend Jake’s arm.

Look Ma, We Done Did Made Da Paper

5 Nov

Now, can you teach me how to read.,64560/

Spread It N’ Forget It

4 Nov

Burn the Money!  Burn the Hate!  OWS!  OWS!

Free OWS Posters

4 Nov

Here are some posters we designed to support the cause.  Use as a window shade, car sun visor, locker poster, etc…  If you can’t be there physically or financially, you can be there posterally.  xPoFxFoRx

4 Hard Inches

Abort The Job

Sad Corndog

Donkey Punched


Oh, Mother