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Will Trade

20 Oct

If you have such a book. We will trade for something good.


Holy GuacaMotors

20 Oct

Oh, Kids I Can Feel…

18 Oct

My Baby

17 Oct

A comp of classic clichery

What Would J.C. Make

16 Oct

Jacob Ciocci is having a night of his mashed potatoes at Anthology Film Archives, Nov 8th –  check it out for a candy headache.

Daily Dose

16 Oct

For those not in CA, you can see our daily toon here…

Prankly Mr. Shankly

12 Oct

A para-bible for the willing.  Get it and read it together.

Perfumed Nightmare

11 Oct

This movie, and title, specifically, have floated in the recesses of the aft-mind for some time.  Now there’s a chance for back to go to front.

KIDLAT TAHIMIK retrospective at Anthology Film Archives


10 Oct

PFFR is having a living art show on the outside of the be-loved Synchronicity Space L.A.  It’s a New Yorkeresqueish cartoon with the caption changing daily.  In other words, a con-duh-wit for our cum-edy.

Inside will be the meat of Sir Will Sweeney.


10 Oct

Ross McElwee has another one.