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Bunuel’s Charm

21 Nov

See it in big screen Glory!

Happy Thanksgiving

21 Nov

Hayao Miyazaki fest

19 Nov

The Kubrick of kids movies. Check them all out – you don’t need kids.

This is the bottom of the pickle

19 Nov

proof we performed – not our subtitle

At the first and last???


Flag emblem

Character Assassinnation

19 Nov

Who did this?

Best titled book of the year & mini-film fest

18 Nov

92Y Tribeca in two weekends…Psychotic Women film fest  & book by Keir-La Janisse

More memory trash

17 Nov

Cleaning Out the Cybergarbage

17 Nov

Some old images.


Behind the be-hind

16 Nov

Is propaganda just a vehicle for secret truths? Or is art just a shaggy dog?

thanks vvork


15 Nov

This should prove to be bodtacular….

This is a dance by Michael Mahalchick is part of The Art of Influence. Each has been invited to curate an evening reflecting and responding to the idea of Judson and its influences.

The evening will include performances by visual artists including Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Martin Kersels, and Michael Mahalchick, who, like those of the early Judson Dance Theater, collaborate with choreographers and work with dance in other ways.


Friday, November 16th, 8:00PM

Danspace Project

St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery

131 East 10th Street

$18 ($12 Danspace members)

info and tickets at: