Sue the News

19 Jul

pony pony pony

10 Jul


thanks, jenk

The New Golden

9 Jul

Welcome to your new trove.


thanks ef

He Rises

27 Jun

More Fake News

23 Jun

We did this on Delocated.  First KFC, now this.  When will it end?

KFC stole our truth

14 Jun

Hey KFC, stop stealing our dumb jokes!  2 times is homage, do it again and the 3rd time means we sue your ass.

And the Times, once again, is late to the take.  Or, NYT is in cahoots with Big Chicken and are fine with cold fries.  That means they’re cold diarrhea in our books.  Which we’re now throwing out do to the sloppy mess they call “news”.

Poor Krisha

5 Jun

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