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Ryan Trecrtin

30 Sep

Go see the show at MOCA Pacific Design Center.  Total banyanas.  He wins.  It’s lovely like…

You Want That Look

28 Sep

If you want to look like Kenny Powers or Bo Jackson in wrestling pants go to & Still in LA.  It’s as  if Paper Rad were juice heads and made sports wear.  Don’t be too scared to commit.


27 Sep

This film is slowly confounding.  Is it the little known brother pregat unt betwixt Medium Cool, Slacker and Gummo?  See it if you can.  Find it, and then send us a copy.

Enter Matt Furie

27 Sep

If you’ve ever wanted to enter the world of Matt Furie, he just made a video game for Giant Robot.  Destroy ice cream on your lazer breathing duck, shoot a tri-cops in the eyes, and die a glorious death – not the dull death actually awaiting us.

Let The Right One In

19 Sep

It’s been talked about plenty, but see this before you see the cover song.  Maybe the best film of 2006.  That and Wall-E.  As Godard, excuse me Chekhov,  said, if you see a Rubiks Cube in act one, prepare for someone to die.

Mat Brinkman Art Show

19 Sep

New Yawkers, go check it.  From a force behind the field comes the awesomonsterism.  It makes you jhellous that you aren’t as cool as he.


9 Sep

We don’t mean to toot our own horn (sorry for those people who just checked the hyperlink – we usually don’t like to work that blew.  Excuse me, blue.), but Vernon Chatman and John Lee are in the new book about satire – SATIRISTAS! – by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion.