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Spirit of the Beehive

29 Mar

See this film.  If you can’t make it to the screening at Lincoln Center, netflix, buy or rent it.  Pre-Pans Labyrinth via a cup of Ozu sleepytime coming of age tea.

Never Forgot

24 Mar

We did the cover and back of a mag.


Lamar Peterson

18 Mar

Quirkball painter Lamar Peterson is back.

Frederick n’ Freiser

536 W 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

3/17 – 4/23

Die Korine

17 Mar

We’re not the first to mention, but here’s some chocolate and peanut butter mixage that’s worth a looksydoodle…

Wonder Showzen T-Shirt

4 Mar

Ya’ll can get yourselves a copy of the shirt we made for the Wonder Showzen Season One staff  from Mr. Jim Tozzi. Cheap.

The Man, The Myth, His Legend

4 Mar

Sunday 3/13 7 – 9 @ KGB

I learned sick-out-the-mouth from you…

3 Mar

Our friend and enemies have an art show that’s worth the piss and the pot.  Go check it out.  Screening/party jam this Sunday from 3 till inferno.