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Ear Poetry

10 Oct

2 days left

7 Oct

But it’s lovely

But it’s lovely

Beyond the Infinite…

5 Oct

This is like doing a puzzle on a rainy day…

If Godard were alive…

4 Oct

Bernie Kaminski

4 Oct

Like stepping into the soul of a friend – if that soul was a middle aged, mid western hobbyist with an obsession for NY in the 70’sish.

If we were theater

4 Oct

This is already gone, but might appear in other views.


25 Sep


13 Jul

Like Stalker but plot replaced by goo. There’s story in them thare hills, but mostly a visual exciter that teaches It Aint Over Till the CooCoo Clock of Life Cheeps.


1 Jul

Smash your DVD and have adventure

1 Jul