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RIP Dick Gregory

20 Aug

This is his audio commentary from Season 1 of Wonder Showzen – you can hear the audio faint in the BG. We cut together our convo with him – great jokes, and great political talk that went too far for MTV so we had to censor – we turned it into a hip and hop song.

Poor Guy – here’s the condensed story

19 Aug

It’s a little too late but

14 Aug

Go see this film.  It’s clearly got Possession on the brain – but with some Japanese tentacle romance that takes it past “almost” into full completion.

the life in the mind

5 Aug

Here are the real illegals we have to make piece with.


thanks SB(s)

Yes Action

5 Aug

How can we restroy and rebuild at the same time?  We try.

Campion Shorts

5 Aug

Passionless Moments is by far required.