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Alissa Nutting

25 Nov

Her scrambled, dark stories are a plate of deliciousness. Borrow it. Steal it. Ask Santa for it.

Be Thankful for Dvortsevoy

24 Nov

His movies are harder than hard to get – like viagra hard. We have VHS copies of his early stuff, but not In The Dark. Trades are an option. Check out this rarity, Bread Day.

Happy Terrorists in Retirement

24 Nov

PFFR wants copies of Terrorists in Retirement. Hook a terrorish brother up, please. If you haven’t seen it, dig, scratch and claw your way to a copy or screening. We saw it then and have harassed the distributor, but they have not returned our threats.?!

Thick Hobo Stylee

23 Nov

Allison Schulnik is the cream in a hobo’s jeans. Her thick, smelly paintings are a prized possession. Praise her and go see the show.

Zieher Smith
516 20th st
NYC 10011
Through Dec. 17th

this is an old painting, but an goody.

Cinanimated Works

23 Nov

All ya’ll lA types. Check out the works pre-simulation @ the beloved Synchronicity. W/the one et only master of our visual domains, Jim Tozzi.

C’est Finis

19 Nov


Walton Ford Goes Ape

16 Nov

Go check Mr. Animal Water Colors show.

Paul Kasmin Gallery

293 Tenth Ave.
New York, NY 10001

through Dec. 23rd

Lynn Ramsay

13 Nov

With Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar in her back pocket, Lynn Ramsay might be the most feared, magic director in the gathering.  Her new film comes out Dec 2nd.  Our jeans will be pre-creamed.

Almost There

9 Nov

Paint By Horror.  thanks JP.


8 Nov

Cheers to our friend Jake’s arm.