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Godard Continues to Win

30 Oct

At one point in Godard’s new beast, he splits the 3D camera, one side panning with a character and back again as the other stays put…


creating the closest thing to optical cancer ever seen in cinema – proving this old man is still most radical, and we can only follow in his footsteps.


Let The Right One In

28 Oct

Now a play?  On Morrissey b-side has inspired so much.  Let’s all pray his cancer goes away…


Force Majeure

25 Oct

So far this years winner.

Black Mountain BAM

21 Oct


Ducks Galore

16 Oct

The art of the quacker.



15 Oct


Jonpan Zorn

10 Oct


Jimouter Spacozzi

10 Oct

chip in for a good chap

Jimmy T Stuff n’ Thangs

7 Oct

Get a jump on the purchase train.  Jim Tozzi & Sibling have the garb gifts.


New Watch Posture

5 Oct

Next is wearing pants in the fashion of throwing a sweater over your shoulders – do something as undesigned to promote your new status.

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