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His Son, His Son, What Have He Wrote

22 Mar

Atticus Lish
April 7th @ KGB


His Memory. Those Eyes

19 Mar

The Academy was Pro Rape and Pro Meta

14 Mar

Who says the Academy never chose great documentaries is wrong. Check 1971 & 1972 and then reset your dinner conversation. Pre-“Review” Pre-“Mooreat” (that’s a combo of Moore, Morgan, & Borat)

Where Did Cosby Go?

12 Mar

Where did Cosby go? This question has plagued our minds’ spirits from its inception. Of all the times for Cosby to step out, he chose when Sir Wonder shows up. Why? Was there beef? Will we ever know?

Bear In Seisure

1 Mar

Check out the Bear In Heaven Vid for your ocular pleasure – so much pleasure is pain.