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Mr. Wiseman in person

29 Sep

I will right the wrong of failed attempts to get Wiseman to send me a copy of High School by sending letters saying that “…my Uncle, who just died, was in his movie…”.  Got a form letter about paying $300 for a VHS copy.

I wish Sergei Dvortsevoy was part of it more often

28 Sep

NYFF Doc’s is a portrait fest of great directors

28 Sep

Heaven Knows (I’m miserable) What

26 Sep

An indie orgy of Safdie and Mr. Frownland.  If only to see it…


Chow Fest

22 Sep

Looney tunes director Stephen Chow has a mini fest at BAM.  Go for an introduction or a reminder of how ahead of the curve he was in stealing cartoon logic for epic action comedy.


If you haven’t already

19 Sep

If you haven’t already MSTRMND’d this surely bakes the cake.

Possession Heads

14 Sep

For those obsessioned…



14 Sep

Dzama ’14

11 Sep



7 Sep