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Happy Zornoween

27 Oct

Lullabies for the Crowly class


Oh, Darling

23 Oct

One hopes it honors the giants’ shoulders on which it is referencing.


Hologram Kaufman

23 Oct

Seems more than appropriate to hologramize the conceptualist.

Fred Wiseman

23 Oct

The most amazing and accurate and boring of doc filmmakers has some amazing stuff to share.


More Depression upon Impact

22 Oct

If you aren’t paying attention to the intercept then do.


16 Oct


16 Oct

If you aint seen Cobra you aint seen life.

Lish Continues

16 Oct

What isn’t pouring out of the man.  He continues.  We consume.

OR Book Going Rouge

OR Book Going Rouge

New Composers

16 Oct

Who knows?

Wojciech Has series

14 Oct

Wake up and dream.