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Shekles for Lexie

30 Jan
Get some Tozzi artwork and what have youz…


Pushing Lutz again and again

29 Jan


29 Jan

Penn & Teller & Vermeer

29 Jan

Peen & Teller don’t so much debunk art – instead they follow a person who’s mission is to try and re-create it.

Old Promo Poster

29 Jan

Just Saw This. ┬áMaybe a cartoon show is easier to swallow…


Ghost Cat

29 Jan

On Criterion

More Vid Yucks pt 3

22 Jan

More Early Vid Art Yucks

22 Jan


Chris Burden

22 Jan

His show at the New Museum is ending soon…

Thanks DM

Mr. Muse

18 Jan

He’s appears in more of our offerings than any other individual. Go C His Show –