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Yeah and Boo @ BAM

29 May

Fuck BAM for opening with dumberkind Segal’s version of anxiety’s hero DFW.  But there are some clear gems – Pervert Park, Alex Perry’s new offering, Oddballz Rohal, Lampert, etc…  All worthy of greatness and failures.

From Dogtooth comes Lobster

27 May

Yorgos Lnthimos wins for his 3rd installment, Lobster.


27 May

Now a primer in the fem-psych-thriller.  The other bookend is Rosemary’s Baby

Yes Yes Yes

27 May


25 May

Is Sanders the old-guard out of left field destroyer of Hillary?  The next Obama?  Sadly, too little too late…


25 May

An encyclopedia of objects via art Biennial.  A good gift for your architectural leaning folk.

buy it somewhere else, please.


via DM

Dvortsevoy Help

25 May

Yet another film yet another miss.  Any hook ups will be rewarded.

These Trails

25 May

Hippy Hawaiian mood jams.

Mexican Honkey – Guero

25 May

Not perfect, but so spirited and smart you enjoy the ride.