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Old Outburst

29 Jan

Explosion Robinson

Never Forget Lunch Box

23 Jan

This was never produced.  Maybe there’s a prototype out there?!?  If so, we’ll trade big for it.


Will Sweeney

23 Jan

Will Sweeney did the cover (+)  for the second season DVD of Wonder Showzen.  Check out his stuff, and others’s. Greenfuzz makes us jealous.

Wonder Showzen Promoted

22 Jan

This is old, but Wonder Showzen got product placed on MTV…


Intro to Meta

22 Jan

If you have some younglings that need an introduction to METAThe Red Book is it.  Simple and lovely.  The Matrix for munchkins.

We Vote Swope

22 Jan

If you haven’t seen Putney Swope, your edutainmentucation is lacking.  One of the best openings, if not the best.

Gary Lutz kicks Butz

18 Jan

Stories in the Worst Way – Get it.  Read it.  Get it.


Ted Williams loves his Mommy

7 Jan

Can you believe what some buttholes did to this guy…