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Judge Nutz

30 Nov

We’re judging a video comp art show thingy, but we didn’t get the flyer till now and submissions are due by the end of the weekend. ┬áSorry and good luck…

More Bunuel

30 Nov

Mini-retrospective from the Bunuel Productions – Land Without Bread is a must see…

A & B

29 Nov

Why didn’t someone tells us not to watch this earlier!

Visible Ding-a-ling

28 Nov

I just pissed away 11:22

Thank you DM

Devin Flynn

28 Nov

If you haven’t scene all these then ya’ll sooo….



Thanks, Morrissey

27 Nov

The Master

27 Nov

Stanley’s making the rounds.


26 Nov

Celine and Julie Screening

There you go Tacoma

26 Nov

By the beloved Martin Kersels.

Here I come Tacoma

26 Nov

PFFR attempted this but forgot to lock all the drums down.