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Beyond the Black Rainbow

24 Dec

Also now on netflix.  Imagine if the ending of 2001 was it’s own feature length film.  This is deep slowcore drone freak.

General Orders #9

24 Dec

Finally on Netflix – General Orders #9. This has been a mystery for a long time…

Happy Deathday, Xavier 1221

21 Dec



Amour Haneke

19 Dec

In NYC at Film forum

Matt Taibbi

18 Dec

HSBC – Horse Shit Bull Crap  – Hairy Slum Bank Cheaters – …

All praise Matt

King Godard

18 Dec

Playing at 92YT


Until it get’s taken down….

The Things We Do

17 Dec

Man has gotta have dreams, Dawg.

14 Dec

We will trade big time for one of these dogs.


Deep up Indie’s Skull

14 Dec


Mr. Stone’s HisStory via Showtime

13 Dec

Like a beloved history class from an odd ballz.