Let The Right One In

28 Oct

Now a play?  On Morrissey b-side has inspired so much.  Let’s all pray his cancer goes away…



3 Responses to “Let The Right One In”

  1. Michael Landon 03/11/2014 at 7:51 PM #


  2. zoichi 29/03/2020 at 5:52 PM #

    the film is probably the best romantic comedy ever made. my s.o. & i identify with either oskar and eli depending on which one of us is, well, eli-ing or oskar-ing. i have no idea how i got to this entry but i’m hoping like crazy y’all can point me to a recording of performance or script for the stage adaptation … kinda can’t stop looking for this until it’s found. i’m sure y’all know how it is, good artists (ugh i know) often are those who get rather taken with one thing in particular for a long while. i remember elliott smith (who lost, sucks to see one lose the battle) said in interview he had no idea what an “aphex twin” was and couldn’t comment on whatever music, film, popcorn, or whatever the outfit produces; instead he was at that time only interested in “featuring birds” by quasi … it’s probably difficult to be friendsly with anyone who hasn’t been obsessed with featuring birds. anyhow pleaaasseee if you know any more let me know.

    sincerely joshua ryan trout / zoey, annelise, emma, sophie
    – meerkat the band

    p.s. be me(erkat) a little. vin eli.

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